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My company KrupnikCo...

I recently started a company selling Krupnik spices. Krupnik is a delicious Polish drink, made from spices like vanilla beans, cinnammon, juniper berries, cardamom, and others. You combine the spices with water, honey, and vodka, and drink during holidays and celebrations. My wife and I started making some for Christmas parties with the extended family, and everyone loved it and told us we should start a business. So we did :)

Originally I was going to try to sell bottled Krupnik - but the FDA regulations for such a product is mind numbing. However the FDA regulations for dried spices are much more manageable, so that's the route my wife and I took. This is our first home business and we're 100% self funded.

I've been considering advertising on the Daily Paul since I hang out here a lot :) But Michael commands a decent rate for Daily Paul ads (good for him), so I'm sticking with Google Adwords for right now.

If anyone has suggestions for tapping into the undoubtedly huge and lucrative market for honeyed spiced vodka, I'm all ears :)
"Warm your spirits with our spices"

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