Comment: Ladyphoenix, keep digging.

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Ladyphoenix, keep digging.

Wicca employs the same methodology as the Masons. It is such a warm and fuzzy, hugs and kumbaya feeling to be with all those earth loving idealists. So Wiccan circles are filled with love and beautiful people - but the energy raised is directed by.... a "God" or "Goddess" - a human who placed themselves in the center of this "cone of power" and directs it to their will. Is that what you want? Or do you want to own your power and direct it to your will?
Spell-casting is treacherous territory.
Since you are into vibrations, look into how Rockefeller tweaked music (hint: A440 is not good for us.) Look into what Rife discovered about cancer and vibration. Look at what a TV does to people, just because they expose themselves to the alpha waves it generates.
These quasi-religions that dabble around the edges of "good energy" but refuse to HEAL PEOPLE with it are not really doing such good work, are they? Problem is, they made it ALL voodoo mumbo jumbo, the application of "good energy" is really quite mundane, no meditation required, just a will to heal.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.