Comment: The 'federal' government

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The 'federal' government

that was supposedly founded to protect life, liberty, and property has been repeatedly proven to KILL innocent people, or even people who are not necessarily laudable in their choices, acions, and words, but who are not murderers or thieves and many who were simply caught standing in the wrong spot when one of our 'deciders of Justice' went BOOM in front of or around them,

to STEAL the liberty of or, in essence, KIDNAP, individuals who every day make choices about their own existence that have no direct impact on or deleterious effect on any other humans,

to STEAL the Property of individuals who did not ask for their 'protection' or their 'services' and to claim it to be for the 'Greater Good',

To repeatedly and flagrantly fly in the face of basic Logic and a simple English reading of their OWN rulebook, in order to perpetuate these Killings and Thefts.

When enough individuals see these simple truths as simply as they simply ARE, support for this Machine purposed toward the killing and looting of innocents or undesirables, and in fact all who happen to exist within their 'territory' will wither, and the people will agree in ones, twos, threes, families, and communities to withdraw their support for, allegiance to, and even blind eye turning toward such a force for the destruction of productivity and brotherhood among beings who are perfectly able in nearly every instance to live in harmony with one another and exchange value for value without threats and without imposing their own version of 'ideal' upon everyone who happens to be within reach of their fancy-hatted rule-makers and guns of control paid for with the blood and treasure of other heel-ground sufferers and their ancestors and progeny.

Peace, love, understanding, tolerance.

They will not 'save society', they will and should be the basis by which all human interaction is initiated and conducted.

I want it for myself and my wife, family, kids, and neighbors, and I want it for you and yours as well.


'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'