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How can a debate be proper on a forum, there is no interest in it.

There is no demand for it.

The interest and the demand for proper debate occurs as the sources of power meet and struggle to overpower each other and that isn't on an internet forum.

If the topic were to be discussed, in my opinion, the subject of Legal Money has to be tabled for discussion in reference to the actual POWER struggle between a State Government and another State Government inside or outside of a Federation or Nation State or Confederation.

The actual POWER struggle, not the false front, is the struggle over Purchasing Power or Control as that Purchasing Power is being used to Purchase Legalized Fraud (The FED Money Monopoly POWER) and Legalized Extortion (The IRS) and The Military (corrupted from the Top down).

That is why Ron Paul, in my opinion, spoke of ending The FED, ending the IRS, and bringing the Troops Home (not to enforce a new World Reserve Currency POWER stationed in China).

If a Texas State government is exactly as bad as a Federal Government then the people running both won't ever give up their Legal Fraud (Money Monopoly Power) and their Legal Extortion (Involuntary Tax), and if you do not understand that then you do not understand that the two sets of people known as Federal Government and State (Texas, New Jersey, whatever) are all inside the same group of Legalized Criminals, they are on their side, and their victims, the actual producers of wealth, POWER, the stuff worth stealing, are on the other side, so the concept of "petitioning" is the same thing as the concept of destroying things to somehow, as if by magic, produce things. It does not work.

Petitioning works when those people in government are not themselves criminals, so bark up this tree all you want, it makes absolutely no sense, until such time as those 3 things are tackled at each level of government simultaneously.

No Legal Money Monopoly

No Legal "Income" Tax (involuntary tax)

No Standing Army Misled to enforce the first two things

Those things exist at the Federal Level

Those things exist at the State Level

Those things exist at the level of human consciousness or The People.

The Concept of a Confederation involves three things as such:

People governing themselves (Common Law, no need for authority of any kind other than simple Trial by Jury and Common Sense stuff that free people know or suffer as victims if they don't know).

Local Government or State government of sufficient POWER (relative size or scale) to keep out Armies of Criminals who conduct Aggressive Wars for Profit.

Confederated Government or Federation/Nation/Country of sufficient POWER (relative size or scale) to keep out even larger Criminal Organizations or counterfeit Confederations/Federations/Nations/Countries who perpetrate Aggressive Wars for Profit and those wars are not limited to ONLY violence, those wars include deceit, threats of violence, and then violence. A very powerful criminal organization can take over your city, your county, your State, your courts, your Trials by Juries, your "Federal Government" and your economic POWER to use the scarce power you have to make, for yourself, more POWER.




The few people who have taken over the world Reserve Currency Legal Monopoly Money POWER have everyone in government, down to the space between almost everyone's ears, certainly down to the City and Town levels, playing the Monopoly Game where the Central Bank owns everyone.

So, and again, if the concept of discussion is going to be a device used to improve the perspective of how to get out of this jam, you can call it whatever you want, it is the crime of Fraud, Extortion, Torture, and Murder made legal, from the Top down, and it is here until the victims do something POWERFUL enough to get rid of IT, meaning THEM.

They, and they know who they are, if you don't, have to go, THEIR Credit Card has to be cut, and it is that simple.

If Texas, or any other State, claims to be working toward secession, an actual move to accomplish that FACT, based upon DEMANDS that have to be met, or not met, by the Federal (so called) government, then what MONEY will be used by that State, or those States, once they do, or do not, secede from the Central Bank Union, or whatever name you want to put on the False Front covering up those Crimes made Legal.

There is no way to get from point A to point B without allowing legal competition to exist.

No way.

Liberty is the absence of Legal Crime whereby the criminals destroy all competition of any kind where any POWER competes with their POWER.

That FACT can be easily show to be true, in FACT, with a simple look in your wallet, to find whose the BOSS OF YOU.

If you have those Federal Reserve Notes you are duped, you are victim, you are the chattel, you are the slave, you are the subject, you are among that group, the victims.



Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868.
Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

This former Country, now taken over from Top to Bottom, has, perhaps, one last chance, involving an internal Military Revolution; whereby the remaining cooler heads, moral people, in the Military, organized and regain control of that POWER in this former Country.

If that does not happen, do you really think a Texas, or a New Jersey, or a New Hampshire is going to be allowed to compete with their own Legal Money?

It won't happen.

A counterfeit "secession" could happen, but not an actual one, not one where a competitive POWER is competing against the World Reserve Currency POWER.

Most readers have no idea, not one in a million, let alone the 10 people who may read my work.

The reason for Economic Collapse, and the reason for World War III, is to move the Central Bank Location, which was in England before World War II, moved to U.S.A., after World War II, and to be moved to China after World War III.

Most of you have no idea.

Central Bank Central will not allow a competitor the size of China to exist, let alone Texas.

If you actually do, you, you, you, and you, banding together, actually do begin to threaten the Central Bank, no matter where the Gold is kept, or where the World Reserve Currency is printed, here, England, China, no matter where, if you do threaten those few people, at that TOP, you will be targeted, and you will be crushed, unless there are enough of us acting at once, without question, as a FACT.

So...I'm not raining on your parade here, please continue in any way you can think to compete against those few Legal Criminals, that has to happen, that has to happen to bring more people up to speed, because failure to do that is to allow more people to spend their entire lives living lies, as subjects, shackled to an abject belief in falsehood.

In short: You can't discus secession without discussing the Money POWER, because it ain't secession if you can't compete against the Money Power.