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I would love to

see them try to round up 500,000+ people (many of them armed I am sure) without putting the rest of the country in a complete state of panic...they can try that to their own detriment. We've been snooped on for so long now, that most of these people probably already have theirs names on a number of unlawful lists already....

Also, your statement "who can be legally detained indefinitely as enemies of the state in case of unrest" is not quite accurate. Just because you write something down on paper, doesn't automatically make it "legal" or acceptable. The provision of the NDAA that allows for Americans to be rounded up and corralled without due process has already been ruled unconstitutional, therefore, technically, it is not "legal" for them at all to do it. Let's not classify their tyrannical rules as "legal", when the truth of the matter is it is well established that any law which violates any provision of the Constitution is void and has no legal effect at all (and it was SCOTUS themselves who declared it).