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Well, I said Ding Ding

and no one came to wait on me so I thought I was supposed to write the whole thing myself. I wrote more last night but I did not write in Word I did not cntrl C my text before hitting save and Jeff in the other room was uploading stuff so I got a time out error and turned off my computer and went to bed. I had re-written my stuff about product 1 and interest to say it did not have interest and was hoping when I logged on this morning that perhaps it saved, but it did not. So, I am not qualified…when are you going to answer my Ding Ding and when you do you better be smiling because you have made me mad telling me I am not qualified.

And as far as you being on a higher level, that is a compliment. That is nothing more than saying people who are graduating these days cannot even read King James English, what used to be a 12th grade level, and understand it. If I try to read Romeo & Juliet, which you probably can read quite well, I will have to read slowly and concentrate. And if I have to Read Joe Kelley 3 times to try to understand, and I am relatively intelligent what do you think some people have to do? Some people are going to read 1 time and if doesn’t work for them, well then forget it, because no matter how many times they read it they will never understand because the education that you and I purchased them was a fraud. How many people do you know that can play 3 way chess? I am telling you, Joe, there are people who cannot understand what you write because your level of thinking is working more than 3 ways all at one time. And most people like me can think one way or maybe two.

Furthermore, I do not mind writing a book, it seems that all of this book has already been written in full public view, so what do I have to hide. And additionally, if you think I am some kind of hired agent, well I can say the same thing about you. We have no way of knowing anything about one another except for what is disclosed here publicly which can all be a fraud and a lie. And if you think I am getting paid for a word count, then think of yourself on your cat never taking a break. I am a driven person and if I was being paid to write I can guarantee you not one of the many strings I have started and failed to answer would remain so. I would always be the one having the last word, and I would be trying to hook you up with people like on the bond post to incriminate you. What do I do? I say be careful. Watch out. Those people might be associated with the wrong people…those people might be agents looking for people like you which is also why I didn’t send you that link looking for writers. I suppose I am treating you like a child, but I am a mother with 2 boys and I am in protection mode, and for some reason I give a hoot about Joe Kelley so I feel the need to protect. Furthermore, do you ever hear me talking about guns. No. You do though, do I try to engage that conversation. No. But I found out yesterday that California and Mass have regulations as to how many bullets can be in a clip…5 is it? I don’t think anyone should talk about that stuff. I am paranoid.

The only thing I worry about with the book is if you would somehow misrepresent my words, either on purpose or not on purpose or that the financial cost would be prohibiting. Why do you say something like it would be best not to be associated with you? Will your book get me into trouble? I would also probably need to ask Jeff what he thinks.

Now if you will tell me how you would like to execute the chapter where I am the customer, please tell me and I will quit trying to play both sides of the counter.

And if I have left something out of this reply you can tell me that too. And if you think I am being sassy and bossy this morning, well, I am. And as far as drugs and alcohol that is your choice but perhaps not the best one. The Bible says do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit. That means we should not allow anything to control us other than the Spirit of God.