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Very often very similar sentiments

and personal attacks are leveled at me whenever I use logic and human nature to address what is inevitably NOT a 'social' issue, but a choice between two people who do or do not choose to form a partnership based on the ancient idea of mating, coupling, and bonding with a mate.

I don't feel your mind opened to what I said and gave thought to what 13, 14, 15 year olds, etc. who feel they know what they want and whom, if they are not truly capable of making these choices correctly, at least should be left to sink or swim based on their own conception of how they want to exist.

I am not morally obligated or willing to insert myself or elected and hired gun-toters paid at my expense and that of my neighbors to threaten these people and/or cage them and remove them from their roles in the marketplace of free HUMAN BEINGS.

I know how you feel, I see a lot of people and hear from them that feel JUST like you do, and I don't want ANY three year olds or prepubescent children to be abused, sold, or brainwashed into doing something unnatural and/or disgusting. I just want victimizers to be held accountable and punished for forcing or defrauding the innocent or helpless, and for people who have reached a stage of self-determination for their OWN existences to be accountable to those who support them, or those with whom they choose to interact and partner with.

Peace, love, understanding, and tolerance, my fellow poster. Please try to be guided by them instead of grouping millions according to arbitrary numbers and handing out punishments to those who fail to follow rules that, by their very nature, cannot help but be arbitrary and therefore inapplicable to ALL who are claimed to be bound to obey them under threat of intolerant ostracization or kidnapping or theft of property and removal from productivity, to which each individual contributes what he or she can to the benefit of all in society, simply by making the next choice that betters their existence without damaging the proprties of or defrauding or injuring others in their community or family.

Blindly affixing standards of behavior to all, and blindly removing them from their places they have carved out for themselves among their fellows, is why we so many people in prison, so many people with needlessly ruined reputations struggling to regain productivity, and so many of these governmentally created victims relying on support that 'legislators' are only too happy to provide, at a benefit to their own enrichment, the furtherance of their quest for control, wealth and power, and as a 'feather in the cap' of ignorance that recoignizes these givers of, and creators of the need for, welfare or subsistence skimmed from the backs of those lucky enough to obey the rules or not to be caught breaking any of them as 'warriors for Justice' or 'protectors of the Children', when in point of fact these claims are all rooted in victimization of people who have truly done no harm, and use of those who remain 'free' to fund the kidnappings and break apart the families of many who did not ask for help or consider their choices to involve anyone else at all.

Such intolerance will one day find its way to you, and your plea of help for the 3 year old victim and jail for the 14 and 18 year old lovebirds who did not ask for nor need YOU to decide how they should live and love might be remembered by you as overstepping your bounds of actions you should take or endorse in the furtherance of whatmanner in which YOU believe all your fellows should interact, under penalty of LAW.

I hope to live in and/or pass on to my offspring a world in which they can choose what they decide is best for them by combining experience, education, and research to make those choices, and be free of the heavy hand of others who presume to know what the needs, wants, or victimized status are of people who they have never met.

Peace be with you, sir or madam, and your children, and may we all just be allowed to succeed or screw up on our own merits, and to reap the rewards and/or pay the consequences for all our INDIVIDUAL choices.



'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'