Comment: What's stunning is how you

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What's stunning is how you

What's stunning is how you assume you know what's in my mind. I don't hate Rand, not at all. I respect what he's doing, but I know that he will not, cannot become the 2016 GOP presidential nominee so I see no reason to spend time and energy working towards an unachievable goal.

If Rand runs he will be tolerated during the debates to a much greater degree than his father. All the standard neocon troglodyte talking heads will be generally supportive, to the point that much of his rhetoric will be incorporated into the campaign of the eventual GOP nominee, which will not be Rand, but a conventional neocon conservative. The libertarian rhetoric will be used by the campaign - whose nominee will have once again been endorsed by Rand - to fool many folks into supporting the GOP candidate.

The 2016 GOP presidential candidate will be a "libertarian leaning" imposter, who, if elected, will greatly disappoint every liberty loving supporter. You heard it here first.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein