Comment: Was that during the Qadhafe era?

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Was that during the Qadhafe era?

Qadhafe worked together with the CIA to detain Islamists whose centre of operations was Benghazi. This was the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group an al Qaeda affiliate who were very active in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then the CIA persuaded Saif al Islam Qadhafe, Qadhafe's son, to speak to his father about releasing all the Islamist detainees as a mark of their sincerity in seeking a reconciliation with them. The CIA along with the other NATO intelligence services organised these released detainees into the core of the rebellion that overthrew Qadhafe with the cooperation of NATO forces, both from the air and on the ground. They destroyed Libyan infrastructure, killed an estimated 100,000 civilians, men women and children, and wrecked the economy that was the richest in Africa.

The assassination of Christopher Stevens was in retaliation for the killing of Qadhafe. Stevens was killed by the Libyan Jamahiri Resistance in the same manner as Qadhafe was killed: dragged through the streets, sodomised and shot. He was the surrogate for Hillary Clinton who is I believe their real bete noir since she is the one who ordered Qadhafe's murder.

The head of security under Qadhafe worked closely with the CIA during the years of rapprochment with the West from about 2000 onwards. In the end he was bribed with a reported million dollars to open the defences of Tripoli and to give the defence plans to the CIA who shared them with the rebels. This is why Tripoli was so easily taken.

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