Comment: i'd focus more on having a plan together

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i'd focus more on having a plan together

I've been "prepping" for about 4 years now... take that at whatever value you wish to assign it.

Rather than worrying about having months' worth of food/water/fuel you need to focus on a plan to be able to continue to obtain these things.

Do you have a garden? Having your ducks in a row so you're ready to plant in the spring is key! Look into some of the non-traditional methods like the popular "100lbs of Potatoes In A Barrel" technique. You can also grow lots of stuff inside. Peppers & herbs thrive indoors if they can get enough light.

Stock up on Mason Jars and learn what's involved in canning your veggies. (look into starting your own yeast cultures for vinegar, bread and beer)
Learn about how to salt-cure/brine/smoke meats so you can store protein for longer periods of time.
Take a quick look at your home's gutters and develop a plan for catching that rain water in a barrel. If you're in an area where drought is a potential problem, start (and I know this sounds gross) saving bath-water for watering crops. As long as you don't use heavy-chemical soaps/shampoos, this won't harm your crops or the people eating them. You can also tier your property so rain-water flows into a reservoir or at the very least flows through your crops in an efficient way.
Stock up on hunting ammo so you can obtain fresh meat.
learn how to distill alcohol. grain-alcohol can work as a great fuel-source, cleaning agent and has many other applications.
Watch some videos on building your own solar panels. You can build your own solar set-up for about 5% of the price of buying one.
Invest in a water-purification system of some kind.
Build a chicken coop and get some hens.
Build a rabbit hutch and get some rabbits.
If you have enough land get some sheep. they can provide meat AND wool.

Worry less about having ready-to-consume stuff on-hand and more about how to survive after you run out of those supplies.

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