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I've said many times now that education is constant.. I am years ahed of many here and I'm STILL learning.. it's a constant. I exercize what I lewarn by showing up.

The Republican leadership in my county was 2 Neocons who "filled the gtap" from the past GOP chair being imprisoned for attemtped murder.. gutted the GOP here, and the Democrats say they had to fill seats to keep a two party going.

I tell folks here I'm a Republican and they tell me.. you better not tell too many people because they will come after you, the chair was framed.. all because he bought American flags for the high school classrooms."

And now.. I'm on the committee, and though I was alone as a Ron Paul republican, I am no longer alone, and we are educating them, and some are being nice.. but I never forget.. the leadership remains former Democrats who liked Obama much more than Romney.