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Thank you.

As far as expectations go, would it be too much to ask my woman to trust me even though I haven't necessarily earned HER trust? If we start a relationship from no-trust then you really don't get a chance to know someone until maybe 5 or 6 months down the road.

Letting down the walls seems impossible to some but IMO it's much more efficient. The "usual" way to handle relationships is to built an 'addiction' to the significant other's presence - for like I said - 5 or 6 months - and then one day you say "Hey this is who I really am! Surprise!"

It was meant as a spiritual guide for myself and thought it would be interesting for someone else to read.

The only thing in most cases that prevents people from trusting others is their attachments to material wealth and possessions. There is a big risk factor in trusting someone but IMO there is an equally big reward.

I think it can be argued quite effectively that lack of love and trust in our society are probably the greatest factors impeding our society's maturity.