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Comment: Such chestpuffery will be irrelevant when

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Such chestpuffery will be irrelevant when

individuals decide to interact peacefully in their own best interest and ignore racketeers no matter how black their dresses are, how big their guns are, or how stridently they claim the power to save one from one's own folly or even 'inherent evil'.

Peaceful, understanding men and women will reject such foolishness and spread the clear truth of the virtues of peace and tolerance to many, many of their fellows.

And then, all the fearmongering, hand-wringing, bullying, fancy hat-wearing, and attempts to legitimize the illogical and harmful by ANY means will be ingored, sidestepped, and, if necessary, ostracized and called to account by the peaceful, the logical, the men and women who use the golden rule to spread love, wealth, and tolerance instead of groupthink, fear, mob-based territorialism and jingoistic fervor rooted in lying lip service to 'principles' that they would print on paper, exempt themselves from, and twist and obfuscate to effect the opposite influence of what they claim to be endorsing.

Secession will be a choice each individual makes when logic trumps jingoism or fear or indoctrination or tradition or ignorance, and when a wave of understanding hits those who are trampled out of their comfortable ignorance, there won't be enough jails to hold them all, guns to shoot them all, lies to deceive them all or messengers whose charisma, fervor, and twisting of rhetoric will sway them all or even enough of them to allow such an evil to continue.

The days of this will come, and I hope we all get to experience it!!


'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'