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Much error, in trial by error

"And as far as you being on a higher level, that is a compliment."

I used the word different not higher.

Anyway, making you mad was not my intention, and there have been things going on at home to divert my attention away from the vital topic of Defending against Legal Crime as it overpowers Liberty.

So, please excuse my unintended lack of care in avoiding "making you mad" or whatever actually is occurring along those lines (steam out of the ears comes to mind).

I was actually smiling at that point - go figure.

If I am selling NO INTEREST home mortgage loans in the desk next you your desk, which is going to be the longer line to buy which loans?

No interest
More than No interest?

If you don't give away the razor, how can you sell the razor blades?

I know that you can compete, and you can figure out how to out-compete the competition, so I am not on a higher level, I am on a different level, and the judge of which is higher, or lower, can't be me, or you, looking inward, if the idea is to find out the measure freely given by someone else as to which is more competitive.

No interest on the Mortgage Loan and 1% interest on the Power Product Loan

1% interest on the Mortgage Loan and no interest on the Power Product Loan.

The customer may ask: Why have it backwards?

The hired sales person at the desk might say, I don't know, I have a form here that I will fill out with that very question since the Boss here is very competitive and very open to this type of challenging question, to stay one step ahead of the competition you know?

"And if I have to Read Joe Kelley 3 times to try to understand, and I am relatively intelligent what do you think some people have to do?"

Different, not higher, in my opinion. I can't get much out of On Language by Noam Chomsky and I've read the same paragraphs over, and over, and over again.

We are all very good as what we are all very good at, the internal competition involves finding that talent, not wasting it?

Who gave you your special talents?

Why waste them trying to figure out things that are on a different level than the level you are on?

Does that make sense?

How about no pain, no gain?

Life is not a bowl of cherries?

"I am telling you, Joe, there are people who cannot understand what you write because your level of thinking is working more than 3 ways all at one time. And most people like me can think one way or maybe two."

Thinking is a form of communication, is it not, whereby the perception of something is an actual thing perceived, and a being capable of perception, whereby the mediums of communication are knowable, measurable, as such, as light, sound, touch, taste, which makes me think, again.

If children are told that they can't see, or think, then they may obey that order without question, so it makes sense that children can be told that a creator of life POWER, does not exist, and then they may obey that order without question too, never allowing themselves the opportunity to know or understand that power of creation.

English is a medium of communication, and so I may think differently, but the fact of the matter is that the concept of communication is the current thing in view when you say this:

"Joe, there are people who cannot understand what you write because your level of thinking is working more than 3 ways all at one time. And most people like me can think one way or maybe two."

How much is lost when communication has to occur on the level of text, or symbols, on paper, or on computer monitors?

I really do not think differently, in sense of healthy, rational, reasonable, and accurate processing of perceptions, and with a clear mind, compared to an unclear mind, compared to a clear mind, waking up, sleeping, being tired, drinking too much, watching television too much, reading too much, playing too many games, suffering from illness, regaining strength, over time, I, me, this entity, has trials, and errors, bad memories, false memories, just like everyone else, only different, slightly different, or severally different, on a scale.

What happens when you are no longer hypnotized into being content with following instructions and then obeying those instructions without question?

You learn how to engage your brain?

You being something different, separate, from your brain, which is positive reinforcement of the conclusion that there is something that can be called a soul, or something that can be called a conscience, something not produced by the brain, and something that does not vanish when there is no oxygen flowing and keeping the brain alive?

When the darkness of blind obedience to falsehood without question is no longer a door closed and keeping the victim inside that dark room, with dragons, and terrorists, and all types of tortures and horrors lurking, with whispers, and the screams, of warnings of even more terrible things outside the door, and then, a ray of light somehow manages to seep through a small thinning area on that door, where the warning of terror claims that the light seen is a torturous and horrible everlasting death!

But something, some power, some intuition, some coincidence, some driving force MAKES you look despite all the warnings, and the dim light turns into a ray of unmistakable clarity!

So you fling the door open and expect instant gratification?

Is that how it works?

"And additionally, if you think I am some kind of hired agent, well I can say the same thing about you."

My chess move was done in expectation of that reply. Why would I not think ahead the slightest bit? This is not chess, so the variables are exponentially greater than chess. It is a good idea to reserve POWER, not go all in, at once, to try, expecting error, and compare what happens, know better as to that which is successful and that which is obviously counter productive.

While there is time left, in the theaters near you - and me.

How, if we offer each other competitive ideas concerning book progress, can the book proceed from not being a book to being a book and then, once it is a book, we can consider financial matters concerning the remote, but possible, concept of selling it, at cost, or as a source of income, profits if you will, which can be seen, by me at least, as a funding of future books, along the path that I think is Equitable Commerce, to set the price at cost, whereby the calculation of cost involves all costs required to keep the publishing of vital information business going in a positive direction.

So, there is no book, but there is a lot of material that can be put into a book, but there is no book, not yet, and I'm not a publisher, yet, and you may be on a different level in that department, much more competitive, as it may turn out, who knows.

Not me.

"What do I do? I say be careful. Watch out."

Exactly. So...what is next on the book front, if the idea is making as much sense to you as it makes to me?

A chapter in the book, in my opinion, aught to be the play acting of customers buying Product 1 and Product 2, which has yet to be written. But there are many possible chapters already filing our discussion.

There has to be a step one, mutually agreeable, and then acted upon, and then the fruits of our labor would be a finished chapter, or introduction, and I am assuming that you did read, not just glance at, the link I sent on Self-Publishing.

The next step could be our combined effort to start a web page to sell the book, and to sell advertizement space on the web page.

I already have the web page, you can look it up, just type in Power Independence and what do you find when searching as the first result on the first page?

I know that you don't like the Forum with the list of "members" associated with, connected to, that web page, but that can or cannot be fixed to your satisfaction, along the lines of capitalizing on our defense of liberty work, which is something I am not at all against, since I understand the difference between voluntary capitalism and involuntary capitalism, so I am certainly not against capitalism, far from it.

One voluntary pricing method is as good as another in Liberty, to fit the desired goal.

What is the goal?

I have to start "making money" with my time if Real Estate does not pick up soon, so either writing pays off, in a measurable way, where I find a writing job, or I find a job driving a taxi, a clerk at a hotel, whatever moves purchasing power into our control so that we can keep eating, keep the house warm, and maintain something similar to a family, as God intended - as far as I know.

I'm not starving, don't get me wrong, but things are not suddenly happening this way, these are ideas I've had for some time, and that is why I started the Web Page called Power Independence awhile ago, so as to get it connected into the network early.

The book collection of our discussion appears to be, to me, a path worth taking, along that path that is well worn by many other people who are competing in The Info Wars, to borrow a competitive phrase.

Think about it, please. Think it through. If you are afraid of the list of people "joining" my forum, then you may not want to take another step, because that list of "people" joining my forum can be erased with almost no effort, and no one, anywhere, is going to be harmed in any way, because that "list of people joining" my forum does not exist.

Connecting to the matrix, the network, the internet, is what it is, and it is not what it is not, and it is much more than an single person can comprehend, but I know, I'm telling you for a fact, it can be a source of income, to be realized by individual people, mutually beneficial, doing no harm to anyone, unless, and this is very important, the Legal Criminals are threatened too much, too soon, and their POWER is then focused on that threat.

So...look at Alex Jones, look at the Forum operator here, and see the fullest measure of the real thing before you, and then let me know, and when you let me know, tell me, at least, the first chapter, or the introduction, and you can offer an outline, and you can offer whatever ideas you have, including the idea of starting a new web page, or using the existing Power-Independence web page, even if it requires a house cleaning to remove anything that may be required to make that house clean enough for you to be connected to it, in any way.

The title of the book could be offered to, and I can start with two ideas:

Liberty for Kids

The Equitablist

The title would be fit to that actual book, over time, I think, but I don't know. I write. I think. I have yet to publish more than a few essays.

"But I found out yesterday that California and Mass have regulations as to how many bullets can be in a clip…5 is it? I don’t think anyone should talk about that stuff. I am paranoid."

Paranoia is a sickness, and legally, as in Legal Crime, I'd be more worried about publishing a confession of paranoia than a confession of owning guns, since gun registration is a far gone victory for Legal Criminals, so that information is already well documented.

My M1 Garrand was sold to me out of the Division of Civilian Marksmanship, or DCM, so certainly there is a record of who purchased that gun from that government agency.

The really bad people, really evil ones, would probably prefer to get someone kidnapped on a false mentally incompetency charge, and they poof you are disappeared for all intents and purposes.

I did not tell you this story, but in light of the deal before you, you may want to know this, as my wife almost, by a thin chance, or by God's will, she did not, commit herself into the hospital during the worst of her worst depression, in after bearing our second child, and I asked the guy she was going to hand herself over to, at the hospital, what would they do if she was inside the hospital, having second thoughts, and she demanded to be released, to see her child, what is the procedure for that release.

He said: "It would be up to the doctor."

I said: "No, you don't understand, I know my wife, if she is held against her will, she will be even more upset, and you already told me that she is on too many different kinds of medicines, according to you she is seeing the wrong doctor, and what is the procedure in case my wife is upset and demanding to leave?"

He said: "That would be up to the doctor."

I said: "Perhaps you don't speak English, so I'm asking you, what would you do, to my wife, if she is upset and getting even more upset because you won't let her go, because she wants to see her children, and you wont' let her see her children, will you pump her up with even more drugs?"

He said: "That would be up to the doctor."

He had already explained the too many drugs scenario and then he explained how they would give her more drugs, so I was merely creating the theater to make sure that my wife knew exactly what she was giving up.

We left when that guy went for the forms to sign. But...I made it half way home and then I had to turn around, because my wife decided to go ahead and give up, that way, or go ahead and risk that path instead of going home.

But...we turned around again, and I knew, because I know my wife, that I could not express any force on my part to decide for her, we don't work that way, and so my input would only be counter-productive.

I was fully prepared, because I know me, to get my M1, go to that hospital, and get my wife out, if she asked me to get her out now.

Not later, not when all the hoops are jumped, the wheels greased, the doctor paid off, or called off, or the judge woke up, or the jury called up, but now.

When it is time to act NOW, that is the time to act, in some cases.

Speaking of already going public, with all this on the table, perhaps you may want to confirm something about the Amy person, who is not a made up story.

If you beat cancer, what else can possible threaten you?

Not me.

Not a book.

"The only thing I worry about with the book is if you would somehow misrepresent my words, either on purpose or not on purpose or that the financial cost would be prohibiting. Why do you say something like it would be best not to be associated with you? Will your book get me into trouble? I would also probably need to ask Jeff what he thinks."

You have not thought much about a book. I have. There is no book. There is a lot of material that could be condensed into a book. A title is a start. An introduction is needed. A place to work is needed. This forum can vanish, so can a new forum, copies of the book progress can be saved in word files, on hard drives, on DVDs, memory cards, paper.

A schedule aught to be invented, have this done by this date, etc.

No push.

No shove.

No fire burning witches at the stake.

The idea can be dropped in an instant, no book, it does not happen.

The idea works out, a book happens, if you say go, it goes according to your approval or it does not go at all. If you say no, the book can still happen, absent any reference to you, and I'm telling you, if it is a book published from the discussion on this forum, then I will try to get your approval before publishing anyway, even if I try to get every reference to you out of it. If you say no, then I may return to my other path, which was to collect my own Blog type entries, and I can put our discussions off the list of things to do, and I can get back to that Blog entry book project.

If you go to the link to Power Independence you see the Blog entry example, the last one I published, before concentrating on our discussions, since the information,t to me, flows better in discussion, making an actual example out of two-way communication as being competitive compared to dictation, or blogging, or one-way communication.

No big deal. The demand for information is currently a demand for lies, where many people pay a lot of their POWER to, flowing to, very high paid liars who tell some very unbelievable lies.

That will not last much longer.

"Now if you will tell me how you would like to execute the chapter where I am the customer, please tell me and I will quit trying to play both sides of the counter."

Here is where I think we need to gain a little more control over the medium of exchange. I already have that forum, I can wipe out the whole thing, put it all on DVD if I don't want to lose any of it, or we can start a new topic here, or I can start a new comment here, but it may be a good idea to at least maintain a word file with the ongoing Chapter of the book, and in that way we can start editing it, taking out things that may not work well, putting in things that make the flow of information more reasonable. You have to know that you have trouble with much of my writing, but you are already different compared to someone who is just now seeing a ray of light, and so the trouble I have communicating to you is similar to the trouble you have communicating to someone else, and so that is vital experience, that can be used to make the thing, which would be a book, readable to more people.

The problem I have with this forum is the inability to edit my posts, which is new, it was not that way until a month ago, or so, but it is that way now. So if we refine the Chapter on Product 1 and Product 2 as that conversation with the salesperson and the customer, then it will require a solution to the editing problem.

In book form, the book can even have examples of brochures, where the Bank is publishing attractive looking Product 1 and Product 2 information advertizements.

Does that make sense?

"The Bible says do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit. That means we should not allow anything to control us other than the Spirit of God."

My wife governs me well in those areas, without her I'd be lost, but you aught to know some things that may be things you don't like, as a balance if nothing else, the idea is to defend liberty, not be buddies.

I don't have very many friends, and I'm 54 or so, I lost count, so the friends for sharing hobbies is a bus that may have left already, this is serious stuff, to avoid "providing the means by which we suffer" if that is at all possible.

No hurry, no lies, no pressure, no force, no coercion, on my part, those who are making people hurry are those armed with lies, threats, and violence.

Some ideas work out, other ideas cannot work out, so know better and we can both avoid wasting any more time on this idea.