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Comment: True story

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True story

Back when I was working as a trader, there was this one guy who just didn't get along with the manager of the office. One day he comes to work, and writes on the whiteboard:

The past is history,
The future a mystery,
And God's gift to you,
is the Present

And that very day, he got fired. It was a complete shock to everyone, including him. But it burned that little inscription into my mind forever. I hoped that he enjoyed his present.

He really hated it at work, and I could only imagine that being released must have been on one hand, a great relief. I thought of him out there, after he walked out the door, like a fish swimming free, his future wide open, while we were all still stuck behind our desks, under the fluorescent lights, our futures for the rest of the day grimly certain.

Thank you again.