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To quote the good doctor...

"... personally, I despise the use of drugs."

In an interview during the 07-08 campaign!

Of course he would be in agreement with many of his supporters, and many in America. Yet, he could without prevarication or contradiction at once shun the use of drugs while at the same time striking down the drug war!

Keep in mind, he was, and is, chiefly supported and respected, for his sound constitutional position with regard to the limitations of government, especially the duties of POTUS... for which he was running and therefore narrowly focused his arguments!

It is for the same reasons that many law enforcement officers are members of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. it is not at all that they like drugs and their use, but that they see clearly the unconstitutionality, the failure, and the danger of the 'drug war'!

In the farming and business world we see the same principle at work, in that the farmer nurtures the means of production far more efficiently and conscientiously in freedom than under totalitarianism!

No government comprised as all governments are, of hopeless business failures and moral wrecks who cannot make it in the real work world for the most part, can hold a candle to the skill, commitment, necessity, and success of preserving high standards and consistent improvement, that is the hallmark of life, liberty, and private property, at work!