Comment: I didn't get the "memo" -- "winning" means "in office"

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I didn't get the "memo" -- "winning" means "in office"

It does not mean "good job" it does not mean "got the message out there" it means "in office"

Even if the GOP "stole" the election (we are nowhere near proving that by-the-by) it doesn't matter -- because you cannot change a country wherein 80% of the voters want "some version" of protectionism (whether it be against foreign marauders, disease, crises, disaster, or failure).

Ron Paul did not get 47% (or whatever Romney got) he got maybe 2 to 10% of the total vote (during the primaries -- which was a lower turnout then in 2008) -- 2-10% BECAUSE most people do not show up to the primaries to vote they wait for the general election.