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Comment: Really! The 2012 Primary showing (number of voters)

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Really! The 2012 Primary showing (number of voters)

was LESS than the 2008 -- so any numbers showing how Paul would fare against Obama is just silly -- because Paul lost the primaries and the primaries were not good indicators of what would happen during the general election.

Show me one poll that was larger than a 100,000 person sampling of how well Paul would have done against Obama.

You guys do not understand how statistics work.

Individualism is never going to be popular because no one talks about the "transition" in clear well-thought-out language.

Liberty Candidates are great at enumerating the faults of Corporatism but when you hold their feet to the fire and ask them EXACTLY how you make a "smooth" transition they either stutter or if they are honest like RP they talk about "cuts" and that it will be tough for a year or so.

No ONE wants to consciously have a "rough year" -- They would rather swallow a lie or fantasy about how they can solve the debt issue AND have a great year then have a tough year.

When's the last time American's were like, "yeah, give us a tough year wherein price-elasticity is returned to normal?"

Hahahaha -- the answer is NEVER.

Anytime in US history when a "correction" needed to be made it was done without people's permission -- also it was done before women and blacks and American Indians could vote. The 20's.

Every "correction" since never fully "corrected" did it?