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The Constitution was hardly

The Constitution was hardly viable for a compact between 13 nations. It stood no chance to withstand the diversity of 38 nations. It was dissolved and then RECONSTRUCTED. The governemnt was NOT reconstructed in the image of the original, for that system had failed. A new form of government was instituted as the Union was reconstructed. The original has not existed since 1861. It CANNOT exist in a nation of this size and diversity expecting all to be ruled in the same manner under a singular cultural standard. It is destine for failure, and failure will come. It will tear itself apart as one set of ideals tries to dominate and rule over the other. "Why can't we just get along?", "because your lifestyle offends me, and I want to make you follow what I believe". "Why can't we just live and let live?", "Because I think what you are doing is wrong, and I think government should force you to do what is right".

Muslim vs Christian
Capitalism vs Socialism
Collectivism vs Individualism
Conservatism vs Liberalism

The list goes on and on. Even Republic vs Democracy.

The government is the venue to settle these difference among these people. The idea of Live and Let Live is out of the question. Majority rules the minority is imbedded within our society.

A Republic is ENTIRELY inviable to such a society. The cause of "Restore the Republic" is doomed from the start. It only worked for 80 years, until the nation reached 38 nations, at which time there became too much conflict of ideals between the participants. Separation at that time would have been the proper thing to do. But by force, and only by force, it was prevented. We would today be two (or likely more) nations allied together, each living by the norms of the individual cultures. And now people expect that 51 FAR more diverse nations can come together under a Republic?

Pipe Dreams...

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