Comment: Oft, sudden 1% ~ 2% cliff dive, followed by moderated return.

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Oft, sudden 1% ~ 2% cliff dive, followed by moderated return.

15 yeas ago, the Rubin, Secretary of Treasury "Golden Boy" sacked (Golden Sached) the gold & silver price twice a week or so (Gold & Silver Exchange Traded Funds (GLD & SLV) & US Gold Mines (Hecla (HL), Coeur d'Alene (CDE) , etc.) mid month. Then again COMEX ® last week of month (see Options Expiry links in this forum header, by Mark Twain). Gambling debts were settled. Then normal trading continued. These mid-month & 4th week of each month 2% cliff dives were regular spectator events. Chronicled your local reporter, Mark Twain... Right here in River City (this forum... this reporter).

4 score years ago, President Nixon closed the gold window. Pretense of gold backing the Federal Reserve note disappeared. About 7 years ago, gold & silver price rises set off alarms at Treasury. The Gold & Silver cliff dive exhibitions became more frequent & sudden. More 2% cliff dives. COMEX Gold Option (paper gambling) price, years 200 - 2012:

Every quarterly expiry became a big tent event. More frequent & spectacular cliff dives scheduled (post unemployment number release, pre Fed testimony at Congress, pre International Banker meeting). Show of force. "Legal Tender" casino table cleaning. Assuring bank COMEX gamblers they win; counterparties lose.

Cliff diving events such as today @ 2%, are becoming so obvious, as to call them sarcastically, "the new normal."

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