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250mg is 25x 355mL cans

Listen, you've already decided that you are a fanatical believer, so my response is not for you, but for everyone else reading this thread.

Okay, that is a legitimate study. On further reading, this is not an actual study, but rather a expository journal article explaining the mechanisms of aspartame toxicity and calling for more research. It did not do any testing whatsoever.

The article mentions a toxic dose of 250mg per day. To exceed a 250mg dose of methanol per day, that requires almost 9L (2.3 gallons) of diet coke. Drinking that much of sugar-sweetened coke in one day is just as bad. Drinking less than 2 gallons of coffee can cause heart arrhythmia. Why aren't you up in arms about caffeine as well? Because it is not dangerous in small doses.

You'll pardon me for disbelieving your "any dose" rhetoric. The breakdown products of aspartame already exist in your body in small quantities all the time. Methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid, all inside you right now. These substances are toxic, so the body is very good at getting rid of them. In order to cause toxicity, you need to overwhelm your body with them in a very short amount of time. To disrupt that balance of toxins and their breakdown products, you'd need to drink the ridiculous amounts of diet coke as described in that study.

You've claimed "any dose" is toxic. What you need to show me is a study that shows lasting damage done by small, reasonable doses of aspartame in diet coke, not gallons and gallons per day.

I'm certain you'd be able to find any number of other athletes who drink diet coke on a regular basis and have no problems. Do you think all the athletes who performed well at the Olympics avoided aspartame? A story about one adverse reaction is no reason to call for alarm or to confirm that something is toxic to everyone. It is a reason for more research.