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Comment: I have had an idea that may fit your criteria

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I have had an idea that may fit your criteria

There have been many posts on here regarding prepping, storing food, GMOs, and being prepared in case of a disaster. What I envision is a situation where a group of like minded people, lease, rent or buy farm land (25-100 acres) within a reasonable distance from where they live in the city. It would be for the purposes of producing quality low cost food, a secure place to retreat to if TSHTF, learn agricultural skills, build equity & income in a business venture, and achieve a high level of self sufficiency.

Intensive farming techniques would be employed, like aquaponics, rotational grazing, greenhouses, organic gardening, to produce, vegetables, beef, pork, chickens, eggs and fish. With facilities for shop/farm operations, food storage and temporary living quarters (camping?).

The food and produce would be marketed direct to people living in the city who want a low cost, non GMO organic quality product direct from the farm on a JIT order basis.

This is a local organic farm in Mi, it's a basic example
another example, growing power in Milwaukee
And add a tech shop with some space and tools