Comment: THAT Explains A Lot

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THAT Explains A Lot

...however, I am not surprised.

I used to invite various people I had met in person or had read to a party in my head. I would then sit on the couch (actually on the edge of it) and "imagine" what questions they would ask each other and what new thinking might emerge.

Excuse me. I have an invitation to write to Hesse, Asminov and Dr. Seuss, but first I am going to do some reading so I can benefit most from the experience.

(*Curtsy* Now imagining what a curtsy from a "wabbit" and "gwasshopper" might look like. Oh yes, I could also do a little gene splicing and image what a gwasshopper-wabbit might look like. The inner workings of my mind are difficult to deal with and, yet, at least there is no boredom!)