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Comment: Thanks, emalvini

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Thanks, emalvini

It was a lovely message and a nice way to start the day. I had two thoughts. First, one of the things I'm personally grateful for was the opportunity my children had to attend a private elementary school with different goals than most. Among them, teachers attempted to foster a sense of (really a capability for) reverence, gratitude, and awe. Virtually all of my family and friends deemed it peculiar ~ indeed, irresponsible ~ that I would choose such a school. Didn't I care about their academic success? Well, yeah. But my hopes for my children were simply nothing that could measured that way. And so my children were spared the IQ tests that my friends' nursery/kindergarten children took in the hopes of qualifying them to be in the city's "top" schools, those virtually guaranteeing them already by that age admission into better colleges, leading to better jobs and higher incomes; beginning with an early reading program... while my children were spending much of their school time in creative free play (including outdoors in almost any weather) and listening to fairy tales told aloud (not read from books). Like the girl in the video said, your imagination can lead you anywhere, and it makes you want to go deeper, and "it could be beautiful." Secondly, being among the 1% of those still without power from the hurricane, I won't soon take for granted what the narrator spoke of: flipping a switch to have light, turning on a faucet to have hot water... Thanks again. :)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir