Comment: Beware - the branding of "the Libertarians" is in progress

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Beware - the branding of "the Libertarians" is in progress

More and more often I hear that "Libertarians are for marriage equality and for legalizing drugs." MSM is now creating a new brand of the Liberty movement, one that is lacking a moral foundation and principles. The two extreme examples are taken and used against this movement.

They are missing one fundamental part of this movement - restoring the Constitutional order that it is the responsibility of THE STATES to decide what is good for them. Not the Federal Government to dictate Federal decisions made for the states, unless the Constitution is amended.

Those Liberty minded people who are true conservatives / classical liberals, who do not believe that same sex marriage is moral and who would vote against it *in their state*, who would never like to see their children resort to using drugs, ever; does this make them homosexuality loving, drug using "Libertarians" who lack any moral foundation?