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There Are Some Issues divisive that the far greater evil would be for a "bought" Supreme Court to determine just what is and is not moral. Most who advocate this issue being pushed down to the State level do so for several reasons:

-they are advocates of smaller federal government staying away from these kinds of judgement calls without the people (other than $) having a voice.

-kicking it down to the States is an effort to let the people vote and decide. There is more likelihood of the voice of the people being heard at the State level, more opportunity for activism whatever you stance.

-distasteful though it is for me being pro-life to say, it opens up a free market deciding.

Take Memphis where I am currently roosting temporarily. Tennessee does not have legalized gambling. It comes up for vote year after year and is voted down. Meanwhile Mississippi has legalized gambliing and people from Tennessee who want to gamble take their money over to Mississippi. Despite the money that has come into Mississippi, gambling continues to get voted down. One can only assume that a majority of the voters in Tennessee do not want gambling despite the money. (((Funny but a very expensive, unused, often flooded Pyramid structure changers reminiscent is often proposed as the ideal place for gambling in Memphis. It would bring in downtown traffic/money etc.)

Perhaps Mississippi would legalize abortion and people would travel across State lines to have an abortion. Some from Mississippi might even move to Tennessee if they were sufficiently repulsed. It is unlikely that Tennessee would legalize abortion.

Eventually the moral issue will be resolved. I do not think it can or should be legislated because that opens the door to more federal moral judgements. Abortion is amoral to me. There is not general consensus yet. Pro-choice advocates should become activists. Morals are a societal evolution. The majority have not yet decided even if they should that abortion is murder.