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Texas has the Answers...

The Republic of Texas Initiative has been a strong one here for the past century or so. Our State Legislature has jointly issued several bills that declare the Annexation Treaty void due to certain qualifications that have never been met.

You might try looking for some advice at the following websites:

The .info site has quite a few links to Legislature passed bills that if the governor were to enforce them would effectively result in a free and independent texas.

The other thing that the Republic of Texas has going for it is that there are existing documents (from when Texas was its own nation) that can act as a template for any state's national constitution or the like.

The first thing to do is get off the financial grid. At the state level, pass bills that validate and legalize silver and/or gold as officially recognized monies. The texas republic coin is actually quite beautiful, and if I could exchange for them individually, I'd get one or two.

The next thing to do is to make sure that the state's economy is strong enough to be independent for a while. If necessary, it may be important to do what the nation's merchants did after the revolutionary war to get the national economy off the ground. Refuse to sell imports.

Once that's determined, start looking at the military structure, I think. Are state militias sufficiently armed?

Also look to South Carolina's history. They were the First to Secede before the War of Northern Aggression.

Legally, I think it goes as follows: It's similar to the Amendment Process for the Constitution.

However it comes up from the State Legislature, through the Governor, etcetera, it should eventually be presented in ballot form to the people of the state. There is a special vote that is held to determine if the people of the state wish to secede.

Once that's determined, I believe its presented on a national ballot, when the people of the other states may allow or disallow the secession to take place. But again, this requires a bit more research; I only know the basic skeletal structure, and even then, some major bones might be missing.

The Founders of this great nation abhorred tyrrany and loved liberty.