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Comment: It already sounds like your

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It already sounds like your

It already sounds like your more prepared physically and mentally than most, so thats a good thing...

I would highly suggest researching the following, some has already been mentioned"

- get a dehydrator, apple & banana chips & jerky!

- get a vacuum sealer

- start pickling & canning

- start 'sprouting', easiest & most nutritious thing in the world. you can sprout multiple things at once for a little indoor sprout garden, all you need are solo cups

- if you have space, grow a garden, compost, etc.

- I would buy some gold and silver ASAP, the price is still manageable and it could change in a single day. Someone said 2,000 is when the government is notified, its actually 5,000. Its not a crime to take out your own money, though the government makes it out to be

- stock pile cans of necessities, whole peeled tomatoes, tomato paste, corn, chilies, etc., but mostly tomatoes for me, gotta have gravy!

- dried beans, all kinds and get a lot, they last forever, nutritionally dense, and easy to prepare. Also, things like powdered hummus, polenta, quina, lentils,millet, amaranth, oats, etc.

- oatmeal & granolas

- COFFEE & Teas, these will be hot items if the shit does hit the fan

- solar powered lanterns, oils lamps, candles, etc.

- some extra gasoline, few containers of propane, firewood, basic tools

- guns, ammunition

...All in all, you have remember people are very adaptable and have lived off much, much less than this list. BUT, the notion of taking care of yourself and being as self reliant as possible can go a long way. All the stuff on this list, minus guns, gold, and silver is fairly cheap and for $700 you can feel WAY more prepared. If the time were to come, would you rather have $700 worth of federal reserve notes, or stuff to survive?

Good luck!

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...