Comment: Governments all measure their goods in inflated paper-money.

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Governments all measure their goods in inflated paper-money.

They make budgets. They overspend. They cite their overspent budget... their budget deficit, as evidence that they need more of your money & a larger budget. This may be summarized as "the run around."

To you, you might see this as ever increasing numbers of everything denominated in you national currency. In the case of the US, the paper Dollar. Compare prices in silver Dollars to see my point... If one is to see any point to this charade..

Why is nearly all our Income Tax paid to the Fed, as interest on our National Debt? Which we printed for them. We gifted to them. What really happened the night before Christmas Eve, 1913? When all was quiet? Not a creature stirred? No even a mouse? Just rats? In empty Senate & House congressional chambers?

Perhaps governments authorize someone else to print paper-money: "The tax around: I tax. Therefore, I am." - The-Printer-That-Be

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