Comment: God Help Us

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God Help Us the closing of the second very informative article Nonna found.
We all need to continue finding and sharing articles and interviews found elsewhere in order to learn, grow and test which direction the wind is blowing.

Thank You Nonna. And, for anyone not sure if they want to take the time to read the second article...just read the ten steps and then decide:

"When one steps back and looks at the brilliant strategy concocted by the global elite, one can only marvel at their cleverness.

First, Wall Street plays the reckless derivative debt game and collapses the world’s economy.

Second, home values dramatically drop.

Third, the banks begin seizing underwater properties with money printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve.

Fourth, the economy eventually collapses from printing 40 billion dollars of mortgage backed securities every single month.

Fifth, global currency and global government is ushered in.

Sixth, Obama adopts the UN gun ban and uses the newly purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition on the dissenters.

Seventh, with Americans out of their homes, they can be forced into the new stack and pack cities complete with their 200-500 square foot apartments.

Eighth, Americans will be subject to forced vaccines and real depopulation will begin in earnest.

Nine, one child limits will be placed on families, and tenth the 10% who survive this vicious transition will live in humanities darkest days in a hellish nightmare that even George Orwell could not have foreseen."

God help us!