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Comment: Very Strange Down-Votes...

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Very Strange Down-Votes...

....for agreeing with Viper saying that he/she watched a video a second time and got more out of it and was encouraging others to do so?

....for supporting him/her because one poster took issue (cacophony) with the video being posted and was riled by its content?

.....for saying that it is great to be in agreement (choir being people in agreement) but it might be the time to suspend judgement ( ie re-watch Rand's fatal moment in time past) on all candidates and people in office...parties and party order to re-check our own thinking just to make sure we are not in error?

......doesn't everyone want to continuously get new information so they are not saying the same things over and over??

I am truly at a loss. I have no idea what I said to offend anyone. And, in asking, I am certainly open to being told.