Comment: Did you try to become a Republican delegate for Ron Paul?

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Did you try to become a Republican delegate for Ron Paul?

In 2008? In 2012?

If not please don't lecture us on "voting".

If we had had some real help from those here who "claim" to be Libertarians more of us liberty "Republicans" might have succeeded at the Republican National Convention.

Unfortunately most of the "Libertarians" that I knew never came over to help or if they did they did not show up for the local or state conventions even after being elected or appointed as a delegate from their local areas.

This is why we lost to Romney, and Romney to Obama.

"Pure" Libertarians who will not jump ship to vote Ron Paul (the only "pure" Libertarian) in a primary are full of hot air.

Don't blame us liberty minded Republicans for your failings. At least we tried to effect real change while you promote ex-NEOCONs Bob Barr and Gary Johnson.

And yet we almost succeeded without you.

Now we will support Rand Paul in 2016 with or without you.

It is no wonder to me why Rand feels he has to reach out to the ignorant (not corrupt) among the NEO-CON delegate base of the Republican Party.

It is because the hordes of ignorant NEO-CONs are way more dependable and trustworthy to show up to conventions, caucasus and to vote than the "do-nothing" Libertarian intellectuals who post and vent their hot air regularly here on the Daily Paul.