Comment: It's obvious Rand doesn't know anything

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It's obvious Rand doesn't know anything

about the illegal aliens who are in our country! I live in the suburbs of Houston, Tx, where illegals are everywhere you go. The majority I have spoken to over the last 10yrs (not the ones who came 20+ yrs ago-very different)have no intentions on becoming an American and most detest the notion. The majority, especially from Mexico come here to get all the free 'wellfare' the are privy to, and believe they are going to take their land back, aka Reconquista de Atzlan. They are taught this in Mexico, I have read it in their school books. Texas will soon end up like Mexifornia, and be bankrupt from the people on the dole, out numbering the working class. Nothing chaps my azz more then when I see an illegal wheel up here cart overflowing with groceries, pulls out 3 or 4 Lone Star cards to get it all for free! She's dressed in Tommy Hilfiger and the like, her kids wearing the same, they wheel the cart out and get into a brand new fully loaded $50 grand Suburban! The only solution to the problem is to cut off the welfare system to all undocumented people period! If they were in Mexico they wouldn't receive anything, so why wouldn't they come get the free stuff? This allows them to work cheaper, destroying the wage base, and if a white person gets laid off from their job, they can't survive, if they can even find someone to hire them to do labor work, as they have zero chance of getting welfare.
Rand needs to quit playing the go along to get along BS, or he will quickly lose his support and be a former Senator from Kentucky and the Paul who became a whopping failure in his first term. Why does he believe people who come from a failed Latino state, who love to get something for nothing, would vote for the GOP? This pandering to third world minset will only increase the Socialist state and complete dominance for the Democrats!