Comment: Rand desires to Reward Illegal Aliens by pandering

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Rand desires to Reward Illegal Aliens by pandering

a path to citizenship, so he will get zero support from me, period! He had better quit playing the 'go along to get along' or he has ZERO chance of being the GOP nominee. He obviously can't be very smart, as the majority only are here for the 'free ride' and most detest at the notion of citizenship, as they have been taght the Reconquista de Atzlan, where they believe they will take back their land sold out by the gringo Spaniard Santa Anna. If you know any just ask them, they will tell you and laugh at how they are getting over on the stupid gringos. They are taught this from early age and in their school books, which I have seen and read for myself. Rand needs to have a Jefferson awakening really quick or he will become an Also Rand, like the other corporate collectivists from both parties. His time to stand true to Constiutional principles and part from the NWO programs of the dying GOP is NOW! Instead, he wants to pander like a whimp to the power elite!!!