Comment: DP member fishyculture admits to being a CANNIBAL?

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DP member fishyculture admits to being a CANNIBAL?

fishyculture, in your comment to me, you apparently in all seriousness admitted to being OK with the eating of your own kind, even if it includes you. Surely you must be aware that a person with this kind of thought process is known in the English language as a cannibal (or at the very least cannibal minded)? I'm sure others would agree that cannibalistic ideas are taboo in our society, and certainly not appropriate in a public forum. For this reason I would also ask that the mods consider reversing a suspected negative vote fishyculture made on this article.

I'm sorry, but spreading an idea that it is OK for humans to be eaten is crossing a line which should not have been crossed, and is exceedingly disrespectful to all of us.

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