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I got some of those

very nice. Peace of mind knowing that with a family of 5 (3 kids / 2 adults) we have enough on hand just in those emergency tubs I got to stretch out a good 2-3 months (depending on how much you try and stretch it). and it's a nice hedge living in the Midwest since you never know when freak tornado / snowstorm /whatever happens. Look at the folks in NY/NJ, if the just had 1 of those tubs, they'd be in worlds better shape at least in terms of foodstuffs. Every thing you can do to remove a source of worry when SHTF time comes will be a blessing. Having a even a few weeks of food supplies can go a long way towards letting you focus on meeting up with family, getting out of big cities, etc. If you're not having to worry as much about where to get your next meal (or how to feed your SO or kids), that's one less thing to distract you when you're already going to possibly be tired, cold (or hot), scared, and worried about a TON of other stuff.

I'm adding to my stockpile of readiness "stuff" as I can as well, and staples are a solid bet. As are books - as other said, either get the skills or grab some books about foraging, homesteading, survival medicine, etc. All useful when you're "on your own".