Comment: The ability to secede is one

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The ability to secede is one

The ability to secede is one of the weapons the states have to protect itself from an overbearing federal government. If you plan to let the federal government walk all over you and think themselves immune to consequences, then there's no point in having the ability to secede whatsoever. You'll just be a doormat.

Mind you, even if one succeeds in seceding (which I don't think will be likely to happen), one can use the constitution and all the other documents the founding fathers left behind to draw up a new constitution. There's no reason that isn't possible.

Furthermore, if one secedes, this doesn't necessarily mean that one cannot rejoin the union at a later date. Upon rejoining, the federal government won't be so eager again to infringe on states rights. It will also remind the people of the history of the states and the original agreements that were made in that time. The federal government was never meant to be this powerful. And there's no obligation for any state to stay in the union.

The bottomline is that the ability to secede is an inbuilt check on the federal government and it should be used or it's not a check at all. And contrary to what may think, this may be one way to save the republic (atleast parts of it). Because this way, atleast some of the states might escape the dollar collapse. Now you all share the doom.