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A Positive Republican Side

....perhaps this is a stretch, but due to Ron Paul's advise and encouragement there are people who did go the Republican route to change it from within. To what degree that will be successful one can only guess. Most likely, if they can make a recovery it will be slow...and will require drastic changes.

My current thinking is that against that dark, gloomy, vulture capitalistic, defeated candidate, not in popular demand tricky and deceptive Party BACKGROUND, those "true liberty Republicans, who shine are very visible because they are so contrastive. Over and over they will stand up against a failed ideology despite the "label" they have around their necks. It will be a constant reminder...not that, but this.

As you know, I am going through an almost anti-label, anti-party period as I don't trust any as far as I can spit. But that doesn't mean I don't trust "individuals"....those who prove themselves as having integrity and convictions. Those who mirror or approximate what Ron Paul taught us.

I sure relate to and like your CEO of America comment. And, of course, there is that "shadow" all-powerful Board of Directors telling the CEO what to do!