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Agreement or Fact?

"I agree that politely petitioning the federal government to secede from their union is an exercise in futility to the extent that they most certainly will not agree to your peacefully leaving, nor is there any state in the union that is quite ready to realistically take that step right now, for lack of a sound money solution alone, never mind a myriad of other difficulties that would have to be overcome."


The point being: It does not matter what is done until an actual threat threatens the power of the Single Money Monopoly and that threat is now rolling down hill picking up steam, and when that happens, not coincidentally, the Legal Monopoly (fraud and extortion) POWER resorts to World War, and they move HQ from one Country to another, as reported in so many ways, so many times, by so many whistle blowers: the evidence is conclusive.

Eurasia - Eastasia = Oceana is Thesis - Antithesis = Synthesis.

The World Wide Business Psycho.

As soon as the power against the monopoly reaches that point of critical mass the Legal Money Power presses the reset button.

Just before The Civil War, for example, was the Wildcat Banking days AFTER the not very nice, at all, Andrew Jackson KILLED the Central Bank of U.S.A. Inc. - what happened?


Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

Threatening Secession is meaningless without the Money Competition factor, which is factual, and our agreement has nothing to do with it, we are power-less in the face of Collectivism by way of Legally Punishing and Destroying Competition in Money Markets.

Things happening concurrently, on schedule, not randomly.

Look anywhere, on this planet, and find a competitor allowed to threaten Legal Fraud and Legal Extortion World Wide, call the Monopoly Money Power any name you want, The Dollar Hegemony, Wall Street, The New World Order, The Word Bank, The International Monetary Fund, Friend Chicken, whatever works for anyone to hide the fact that it is Fraud and Extortion made Legal on a Global Level and as more and more people figure it out, there is a standard method by which threats to the Monopoly Power are nullified.

This time period, now, just at the threshold of World War, already started, is the time when a Country like America can opt out of the whole mess, and that is why THIS topic is so important, but ONLY if a Competitive Money Power is secured by those who OPT out, in Unison.

It can't be a little town in Worgle Austria alone, or Ithaca New York alone, or a small company called E-Gold alone, or The Liberty Dollar alone.

It has to be enough people dumping the Monopoly Fraud Extortion Money BECAUSE honest money replaces it.

Honest Competitive, High Quality, Low Cost, Better, money, REPLACES the fraudulent, extorting, one way power flow, Monopoly Legal Money.

That has to happen, without which there will be the Planned Economic Collapse, in Districts drawn on U.N. maps, or in States controlled by Puppets on the Monopoly Bank Payroll.

Know the difference between the genuine competitive options, which force quality up and cost down, and the counterfeit versions, which destroy everything in sight so as to keep power flowing from those who create it to those who steal it.

Why is that not as easy to see as the nose on everyone's face?

I don't know.

"Petitioning the "king" for anything has never really been anything more than a required step in the process of revolution."


How about this:

That time period is instructive, just like the time period in between 1776 and 1788 is instructive, and the "king" was overpowered in both cases, in one case peacefully, with Magna Carte, and Trial by Jury, and in the other case with The Articles of Confederation, a working competitive Confederation, with Trial by Jury, Common Law, and then, after the experiment in Liberty, after 1788, the Central Bankers took over again here in America, piece by piece.

In between Magna Carte and The Articles of Confederation the Central Bankers took over England, what happened?

The facts are instructive.

People fled the Central Banking Fraud/Extortion Organized Crime Spree in England, after the Magna Carte Experiment in Liberty was internally perverted, and those runaway slaves reinstated Competitive Money, Trial by Jury, and created a Confederation to fight against an Aggressive War Power for Profit that was used all around the world to enforce the Money Monopoly Power. The Friends of Liberty repelled the Aggressive Invasion of War for Profit perpetrated by the World Reserve Currency Power in England - at that time.

So forget about history, OK, and concentrate on here and now, OK, so what means by which all those people in all those Sovereign States, after secession, are able to trade among their own number, Friends of Liberty all, and disconnect from the Money Power that siphons off all their hard earned earnings - to be used against those same Friends of Liberty who "provide the means by which we suffer" through a fraudulent legal money monopoly power?

What means do the runaway slaves trade equitably, without attachment to the legal criminals with their fraud money power?

It has to be a Competitive Money, not "out with the old boss" and in with a new boss, because the old boss and the new boss will make a deal, and guess who gets the short end of the stick?

Change the name on the stationary, call the same racket by another name, throw a bone or two to the victims, let them eat something like cake, make them happy for awhile, and as everyone knows, War is good for the Economy.

If you are the World Reserve Currency Power and War is, in fact, Aggressive Wars for Profit, then "we" win, as in win/win, except the actual casualties, of course, and the collateral damage, of course, but slap a nice sounding name on it, and all is right again?

There has to be a competitive money working among the defenders of Liberty or there won't be power sufficient to deter attack by those very evil people who have grown very accustomed to their Ivory Towers built from millions upon millions of tortured souls.

The honest, high quality, low cost, high power, mutually beneficial, equitable, MONEY, has to exist, or there is no power in our numbers, certainly not enough to overpower those forces aligned to enslave us.

No way.

It has to be, as Ron Paul, and even as Ross Perot before that, point out, it has to be an end of that Debt Psycho, that Business Psycho, so money, legal money, is the key.

Out with monopoly crushing competition, and in with actual competition, where the force is voluntary, and the force is voluntary choices, and the higher quality choices force the product to be made higher in quality, and the force forces the cost, or price, to be lower, and lower, because better is better than worse, so given the choice, or having taken back the choice, we choose, which?

Which lines are drawn on a map?

If we all take a serious look into our wallets, on our financial statements, and know what that Monopoly Money we use IS, in fact, which are tickets to hell on Earth, then Henry Ford's prediction will happen.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

This legal disconnecting from the Nation State Involuntary "Union", even if most of the States re-form into an actual voluntary Confederation, a Confederation of Sovereign Competitive States, even if that does happen, as was done between 1776 and 1788, there has to be in place a disconnected or competitive Legal Money competition, not just one for all, or absent that Free Market Force of Voluntary Competition, the flow of Power still flows the wrong way, like this:

"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer."

There are no short cuts IN Liberty, there has to be a way to cut the Fraud Credit Card, no short cuts.

That is the point, that exists. I am pointing that out, and it exist even if you or I, or any number of people, fail to agree with it, because that is the point defined precisely that way, if we fail to stop agreeing to aid and abet the fraud and extortion in progress, which is that Money Monopoly Power, and if we fail to agree to start using an honest, accurate, higher quality, and lower cost to us, working, replacement, then there is a steady draining of POWER from those who create that power to those who steal that power with that Legal Money Monopoly.

"Our founding fathers also took the time to petition the king, even knowing what the response would be, because they too were fighting to win in the court of public opinion."

I don't intend to be patronizing, but the story that you appear to be parroting is a well worn out half truth at best, since that story line is true for the time between 1776 and 1788, but that story line is demonstrably false when inspecting the Power over a new Central Bank that was won by the criminals, such as Alexander Hamilton, as those Criminals hid behind the false front called Federalism, and so here again, it seems to me, the effort to secede, plays right into the hands of those who know the facts, know where the truth stops, and where the lies begin.

Was there not at least two groups of those supposed "Founding Fathers"?

The winners wrote much of the Monopoly History, while the losers words went to the Memory Hole?

That was DEBATE


Who won the Debate?

We are discussing the topic, sure, but the Power struggle is not over words, it is over control of that money power, control over productive currency, the stuff used when scarce power is made into abundant power, productivity, division of labor, specialization, economies of scale, mutual benefit, commerce, wealth, surplus wealth, stored in places, creating abundance, or NOT.

Those who seek to own everyone, and everything, know better, and they know they have to have the power over money, legal power over legal money, they have to have it, their whole game falls apart without it.

They have to have these things:

Control over the Troops

If the bad guys still have those things, and we don't have competitive options instead, then those bad guys can move to China, for all they care, and then work their Debt collecting business from a safer place, as they siphon off everything here, including the stuff nailed down, and including the nails.

"This is very much an information war that involves waking up the American public to who the bad guys really are."

Then what?

If the group in charge at the Federal Level allow money competition, or can't stop it, then that is, in fact, secession, with or without the ceremonious window dressing.

Henry Ford was right, it may be worth knowing better.