Comment: Some people will not like this, but it explains

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Some people will not like this, but it explains

how a boy who was abused sexually can do the same thing later.

Doctors do a rectal exam to feel the male prostate gland. Continued massage of the prostate gland either by a finger or penis inserted into the rectum will produce a forceful ejaculation, similar to what happens during heterosexual intercourse. But the ejaculation from prostate massage may be even more forceful.

Anyways, the point is that prostate massage ejaculation can become addictive; or rather the release involved is addictive. So some boys who are sexually abused continually in childhood end up addicted to that kind of release, and seek to continue having the experience. This is why you see some guys end up in emergency with things in their rectum; like a broken narrow light bulb. No idea how it got there, and do not recall anyone asking. A boy who was abused by a priest wanted to put his penis in a younger boy's rectum. I happened to hear what was going on and sent the kid home but fast.