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Play on words

"When you say Liberty for Kids, what age are you thinking of?"

Liberty is earned by parents, given to kids, or not, which is the case?

I don't mean that the book will be a children's book, replacing instructions in English Language, Math, Science, or Religion.

The book is intended to be an appeal to the sovereign human beings, those who are independent living beings.

Do you want Liberty for Kids?

Not, this book is for kids, and it is about Liberty.

"What do you mean that list of members is fictitious? Did you create them?"

Most of those names are products of software, a person makes a program, the program runs once it is connected to the internet, and then that program finds other programs, connects, a routine is programed into the program, and a fictitious being "joins" the forum. Once I updated the forum software, placing a program in place to stop "bots" from "joining" the rate of new members "joining" went down to a trickle.

Does that make any sense?

If there are any real people "joined" and they really want to keep updated on what I have to say, which is not likely, since I say the same things over and over again, hear once, hear enough times, then those few actual people can re-join, if they care to re-join, or they can get insulted and they can move on.

No big deal to me.

The big deal is looming larger, it is called World War III.

It has already started, it is, in fact, ongoing. We are invited sooner or later to participate, pay the bills, one way or another, without question.

Same story, like a broken record, until someone like you challenges the story line, and then specifics are made more specific.

"What if I just kind of help?"

That is the point. At no time, ever, will there be a need to do anything other than help. There are already pages and pages of things to assemble in a rational order, and the Product 1 and Product 2 is a way to begin assembling, a beginning chapter, produced easily, merely discussing the topic, but this time with a mind to go back an edit it, to fit the TEXT into a Chapter, into a Book, and then have some THING to use to see if the THING can be made current, flowing, going from a production point to a consumption point in time and places.

Not hemmed into this one circuit, this one forum, a competitive additional trial and error, venture, expanding the market type of process.

Oh, you may be talking to someone, as a matter of fact, I helped write a book, and it is now published, and you can borrow my copy, or you can buy one, no big deal, I get a piece of the action if you buy one, to cover costs, but no big deal, almost nobody reads it, so it was a failed experiment in producing something out of nothing.

Perhaps leading to a better idea.

How knows?

I don't.

"Perhaps a book would keep things more focused as well? Or maybe I would flake out on you and leave you hanging to finish it by yourself?"

A start is to start using my long standing, and well connected, Power Independence web site to advertize, to generate revenue, to pay for the effort to engage in the power struggle. Eventually the book idea, this isn't a new idea either, could be linked to the web page, a PayPal type payment system added, and some people buy it, or not.

What would inspire anyone to read such a book?

I don't know.

The art of communication is competitive, people want higher quality, at lower cost.

What else do they want, specifically?

What does this book look like so far?

Which title is better?


"1. So we live in a free country"

Exactly that type of collaboration is possible, it seems to me.

Start a topic, or a comment, and we begin to discuss with the book idea in mind. We govern our discussion along with the idea of increasing readability.

Does that make sense?

Our capacity to generate text is remarkable, how long, seriously, before we have 100 small beginning books ready for print?

10 copies are made.

The web page goes up. Each copy costs 10 dollars. We dabble in marketing. I can print from Real Estate Office printers, so I have more costs to cover, can you print any copies? Do we need to watch each other closely so that one of us isn't taking the other of us to the cleaners?

I am at the Introduction.

I need to get other things done. The Book can be your introduction and then mine, as A and then B, demonstrating the concept of competition, in book form. Yes no?

Things to do for now, then I may respond with Introduction B, put both in a word file, or load up a publishing program, there are usually Freeware versions available.