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"If you like the State and

"If you like the State and its murderous and plunderous characteristics, then fine."

I blame what should get the blame, mans covetous nature, ouselves, those who unjustly want and to use violence to take what they covet. The state is just an instrument, not the cause. It's like a murderer blaming his gun when a rock would do the job just fine.

You want to blame the state and scream: "Monopoly on violence! Monopoly on violence!" Who do you want to use violence against? Why is self defense not enough for you?

"Why do you need a monopoly?"

Cause I don't trust you, and see Anarchists as liars and Judas Goats who can't tell the truth. You want to hire Goon Squads to go out and serve your covetous nature with violence against those who have no association or representation in your free market of violence.