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If I were the strawman you pummel...

..I'd be about dead by now.

So yes, please, get it straight. Do I "want everyone who ever lost a war to get the land back they lost?" Hardly, most of them are dead. Are you saying that because we stole it "fair and square", by virtue of our overwhelming use of violence, it can never be fought over, won, lost, or negotiated again? When does history ever stop?

What I am asking is this: Is your sole justification for walling off a border or restricting the peaceful behavior of participants in a free market the fact that "our team kicked ass" long ago. I guess I'm trying to get to your first principles, and as far as I can tell they go no deeper than "our team rocks" and "might makes right."

You further ask, "Where do we start?" We don't. Your premise (certainly not mine, neither stated nor implied) is completely absurd. The rest of your "argument" rests on that absurdity. You are very bold in confronting imaginary foes; I wonder how you would do with a real exchange.

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to be continued