Comment: Finally something I can join the Rand-bashers about....

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Finally something I can join the Rand-bashers about....

I am anti-immigration. In that sense I am (unlike Ron Paul) an "isolationist". I have never had any real problem with Ron's stance on immigration because he continued to acknowledge that a sovereign nation has a right to control its borders and immigration. He also advocated policies (ending government benefits for illegals and anchor baby citizenship) which greatly worsen immigration problems.

But I am very disappointed that Rand is joining the Bush's, McCain, Karl Rove, and the rest of the "Invade the World/ Invite the World" neoconservatives in their quest to globalize the demographics of the American electorate, import 3rd world problems, flood our economy with cheap labor, and overwhelm our crumbling infrastructure and environment.

The fact that this is in harmony with Libertarian ideology does not make it any more palatable to me or to the millions of native born Americans we would like to recruit into our ranks.

Since I believe that encouraging immigration has been one of the highest and most consistent priorities of the NWO, I can't help but suspect that maybe, just maybe, Rand IS a sellout.

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