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The definition already

The definition already exists. The only opening for someone like myself is interpretation of the definition, seeing as I don't intend to redefine a broad field study beyond my own knowledge. My opinion is that through the scientific method, it is currently the best and most reasonable means to explain the world around us; is it perfect? No, but it is the best current option. You are able to define science however you'd like, but the science of self is getting more specific to the psychological and/or sociological aspects of science, which are frequently on shaky ground for me as they lean towards collectivist ideas and I prefer to view people on an individual basis.

This is leaving your initial assertion which was that Bill Nye is crazy for thinking science causes people to migrate, my sole point was that it's perfectly reasonable. Jobs exist because of science, particularly in medicine and technology. People must work to survive; America has one of the largest job markets in high technology and the vast majority of American's aren't educated well enough to fill those jobs. If you want to delve into the sociological reasons why someone moves outside of improving the life of ones self and family, more power to you. I wasn't attempting to come up with a thorough explanation of the societal causes for immigration, just supporting my point. Nor was I honestly expecting to discuss the matter, if you had taken less then 5 minutes to watch the initial video I posted it seems pretty plain to see that science by creating a job market does cause immigration. All of it? Certainly not, I never even asserted most, simply that it does happen. You made what appears to be an insulting erroneous statement towards a person who's opinion I respect, I simply pointed out the mistake.

To further my point, there was an article in Bloomberg Buisinessweek a couple months ago about congress attempting to adjust immigration law to allow for more STEM (science, math, engineering, and technology) graduates to migrate in to fill positions American workers aren't qualified for. Similar articles can be found on The Hill, The Washington Post, Politico, Forbes and many others, if you don't want to read any of the articles, that's cool, but my point stands. People do immigrate to the US for science based jobs. Most of the articles also point out more people would immigrate in for said jobs, but US immigration law has strict limits on the influx of people.