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Comment: Inflation (increase in money supply) already hit. & hit! & hit!

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Inflation (increase in money supply) already hit. & hit! & hit!

Look a few charts showing money supply. Pick several countries. It is the same story everywhere. Since 1913, the Fed has loaned the us blind. * Pause and reflect *
There are about 4 ¢ left in the purchasing worth of the US Federal Reserve note (which pretends to be denominated in Dollars). Less if you compare against a silver Dollar. This all happened for 1913 till now. It has taken its course. We are squabbling over the last few Pennies. Even copper left our Penny in 1982. "We are now on the zinc standard." Ron Paul, 2011.

So relax. Enjoy what you have. And less. Help those that will in turn, help you. Help folks help themselves when in need. Plan some forever.

Act according to what you can do. Trouble not in inflation. You have dealt with it all you live long days. Laugh at calls for deflation.

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