Comment: Yes, I admit that I am . . .

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Yes, I admit that I am . . .

skeptical of science. I was raised by a scientist. I cut my teeth on empiricism, and at the end of his long life my father began to realize how much hocus-pocus had been shoved off onto 'the world' by scientists and even some of his colleagues.

The fact is that science suffers from much of the same thing that religion suffers from--

There are religions that are applied truthfully and religions that are not. There are people who are religious who are good, and people who are religious who are bad.

Religious teachings can be skewed and warped and twisted into every kind of evil--

Same with science. There is pure science, and when it isn't poked and shoved and pushed and twisted by politics and business, truth can be found.

But most scientists are swayed in one or another to 'produce' whatever is wanted by those who pay them.

It is sad.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--