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antibiotics to create super germs
human growth hormones didn't work with a close relative
Conventional medicine is GOOD with trauma, so #3 is valid
Side effects of vaccines: autism
Do you know how many people shortly after receiving transplants?
There are better treatments for most cancers
People I know who have had LASIK find that it doesn't last; it has to be done, again; many just go back to glasses--
Yes, medicine is good with trauma

Human life expectancy may have doubled, but the cost? Many people live very artificial and low quality lives as a result; how many people do you know who are crippled, unable to function at any kind of normal level, because they have been patched up and pieced together over and over again. I know several who would rather have died in the accident than have lived in agony for decades.

Sometimes it works, but it doesn't work enough of the time or well enough to be praised as highly as *you* are praising it.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--