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Comment: These things can certainly be explained...

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These things can certainly be explained...

The performance of race horses is linked to their biochemistry -

Poetry is associated with regular patterns which ties it to mathematics and strongly suggests that human reaction to it can be explained by physiological changes in the brain.

Music affects the brain similarly to poetry and has a great deal to do with resonance in addition to repetitive patterns. Just the same, the strong mathematical relationship leads to the chemistry of the brain.

Feelings are nothing more than conditioned chemical responses in the brain. Sensory organs send combinations of electrical signals to the brain which correspond to and are interpreted as what is being sensed at the time. If I were to shock you every time that I showed you a picture of a red door, your mind would eventually associate the electrical impulses corresponding to the picture of the red door with the pain that was being inflicted. After some time, showing you the red door may be enough to cause a reaction. These electrical impulses disturb the equilibrium concentrations of redox reactions occurring in the brain. It is ultimately the change in these concentrations and the electrical impulses associated with them that lead animals to feel a certain way when they sense memorable things in their environment. For instance, a person that doesn't know what Hitler looked like would not be disturbed by his image. It is the combination of chemical changes in the brain that "piggy-back" on the image of Hitler that makes the image bring on negative feelings.