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you have to establish the moral high ground in the eyes of local society and the greater surrounding society. A mere declaration of secession, even if done formally by the state legislature and governor, is meaningless unless you have recruited the critical mass of sympathetic companions who are both willing and logistically prepared to fight and die by your side enforcing the separation.

Also, non-combatants in the region that is separating must be willing and logistically capable of withstanding the hardships that are part-and-parcel of societal upheaval and reestablishing functioning societal structures and equilibrium.

Establishing the moral high ground means a coherent highly visible message of specific grievances that have been unaddressed or responded to in a manner hostile to the perceived rights and freedoms of persons and communities. Legitimizing these grievances requires one-by-one challenges that are clear and understandable by the companions to the cause that are hope to be recruited.

I doubt very much any kind of critical mass of citizens are ready just yet to sacrifice their livelihoods, families, possessions and lives in such a hasty manner. Most want to try other avenues first.

The very first step in building a consensus of moral high ground in our current system, short of a traumatic upheaval caused by a rapid economic collapse, will occur by repeatedly challenging the federal on 10th amendment grounds and for the federal to repeatedly cross the line in denying any claimed independence of action. And the news and nature of these events must be successfully articulated to the society.

All of this is going to be a long messy ordeal and very potentially bloody and with a good chance of not being on the winning side in either the mind of society or on the battlefield...

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